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Garlicky Crusty Loaf

If you put a rustic, crusty loaf of bread on the table in front of me a decade ago, you’d either better have a loaf of your own or at least not expect me to share more than crumbs.

When Cooks Illustrated printed its famous Almost No-Knead Bread, I became obsessed, making loaf after loaf — some plain, some studded with garlic, parmesan, or sun-dried tomato and herbs.

Oh bread, I have missed you.  Its not that I haven’t tried to re-create your perfect crusty exterior and light and fluffy interior.  I’d just failed so many times that I’d given up.  Recently, I began experimenting with psyllium instead of using gums.  The result has been nothing short of amazing.  I finished the first loaf before I could remember to take pictures.

Since it was halloween yesterday, I decided to try a garlic loaf to ward off all sorts of evils.  (Actually, my immune system has been a little challenged lately, and I ready that garlic helps boost immunity.)  Normally, I use a tablespoon or so of minced garlic, but this time I opted for cloves in this Garlicky Crusty Loaf.  It toasts up very nicely, and it would make the perfect base for bruschetta.



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