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Scattered nuts

IMG_1972A while back, I introduced a local cake made from nut flour, the basbousa.  I’ve become so addicted that baking one has pretty much become my Friday morning ritual…after a double espresso, that is.  It’s so easy to throw together, though, you could even start before that first cup is brewed.

This basbousa is a little more rustic than the traditional version.  Instead of adorning the pieces with neatly placed whole almonds, I opted for the less fussy scattering of coarsely chopped pieces, guaranteeing the crunch and amazing flavor of toasted almonds in each bite.

Pour another espresso, plate up a couple of pieces of warm basbousa and some fruit, and open up that newspaper.  It’s the weekend; start your own tradition!!!

Almond Basbousa
Pistachio Cardamom Rose Basbousa

Don’t I look like a brain?

IMG_1981Almonds get all the attention, but I’ve always been partial to walnuts.  The halves look like little brains, and I kind of like that they aren’t sweet.  Of course they taste good with chocolate (brownies and fudge anyone?), but add coffee and the faintest hint of cinnamon and we’re talking near perfection.

You’ll be surprised how light and tender the crumb of this cake is – delicate as the flavors themselves.  You could easily go the healthy route (skip the mocha frosting) and serve it for breakfast or for tea, but then it would just be coffee walnut cake, and you would miss out on the chocolate and the affinity that these flavors have for each other.  Besides, who am I kidding? Frosting has rarely stopped anyone from eating cake for breakfast.

Mocha Walnut Cake

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