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Cooking in a whole new (old) world… literally

Lamb Koobideh Kebab I recently moved (temporarily) to Gulf for work. The weeks leading up to my flight were a bit nerve-wracking, not least because I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to eat.

Not that that has ever stopped me from exploring local establishments before, but at least I can usually muddle my way through reading the menu and knowing the local words for the things I can’t eat.  If all else fails, I try to go somewhere I might be able to see the food being prepared.  Since I can’t read a single word in Arabic yet, as my first local meal, I decided kebabs were a fairly safe and familiar way to start this new culinary adventure.  My server recommended the mixed grill, a plate of grilled meats and kebab with Iranian, Iraqi, and Bahraini seasonings.  It came with a small arugula salad, a drink, and all the bread I could eat, which my colleague did his best to devour all on his own with a large bowl of hummus.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much meat in one sitting.  It was just too good to stop.

One of the kebabs really surprised me.  At first, I thought it was from chunks of meat like the others, but it turned out to be ground lamb formed around the skewer.  When I saw ground lamb at the market near my place, I knew what my first experiment would be.

Lamb Koobideh Kebabs

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