About Me

My foray into the food allergy world began in early 2007 when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  I had just moved to Italy, and I thought it was the end of the world.  Embarking on a gluten free diet in the home of pizza and pasta was daunting.  I was also traveling around the world quite a bit for work and had no clue how easy or hard it would be find food that nourished my body and that satisfied my yearning to explore the local flavors.   My options turned out to be far wider than I ever thought possible.  Another roadblock presented itself shortly after my return to the US in late 2010, when I discovered I had also developed allergies to casein, whey, egg, and oats.  I went out to dinner with friends and stared at their meals with a whole different kind of food envy, longing for just one slice of crusty bread with butter, an insalata caprese, or a crème brulee like I never had before.  I had always loved to entertain friends, but suddenly my go to recipes were off the table, literally.  Baking was my one of my favorite forms of stress relief, but now what?  My friends shied away from anything I said was gluten-, dairy-, or egg-free, like I was trying to poison them or share my suffering with them.  And so, my quest to make food that proved them wrong began.

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