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Pour Judgement?

I recently visited a pub in Newport best known for its cheap beer and burger combo.  The place was packed with locals of every stripe, and we could barely find room to squeeze our way up to the bar to order.  It was a Wednesday night, and the waiting list for a table was over an hour long.

Once we finally sat down and started looking over the menu, I was beyond excited to find a few GF/DF/EF possibilities to choose from.  Then, our waitress recited the specials.  She had me at scallops and bacon.  I’m not even sure what else she said.  I certainly didn’t remember the words “mashed peas,” but now that I think of it, maybe putting an accompaniment generally thought of as “baby food” on the menu was somehow tied to the bar’s name.  But, it wasn’t poor judgement after all.  The mash was the perfect match for the scallops and bacon.

I’ve tried my own take on that dish here: Seared Scallops with Pancetta and Rustic Spring Pea Mash.

Say My Name

When it comes to food names, I’m torn. I mean, “weeping tiger” salad sounds so much more exotic (and, therefore, more tasty, right?) than spicy beef salad. But, when the name doesn’t give you a clue to the ingredients, how adventurous are you willing to be? Then you have names that practically list every ingredient, which could almost make you rule out trying the dish just because one of the ingredients didn’t make you swoon.

Comfort food is like your favorite pair of worn-in jeans and the quilt that’s been passed down for a couple of generations and seen better days; it makes you feel good even if its not much to look at.  It doesn’t need a fancy name, thank you very much.   In Italy, pastas dishes are usually named based on their contents, hence penne rigate con salsiccia, funghi, piselli, e panna.  If you want to call it “cena pigro della nonna (Grandma’s Lazy Dinner),” that’s between you and her.

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