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Sugar, spice, and everything nice


Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

This week I received the highest honor bestowed by a kindergartner — a friend’s daughter who is the embodiment of girlhood in all its pink and purple, sparkly grandeur — two thumbs up accompanied by the awarding of “my new favorite” cookie title, which though fleeting, is a pretty big deal when you can unseat anything commercially prepared. When her mother texted me to ask for the recipe, I had all the confirmation I needed.

Sadly, since I use raw dark cocoa powder (and I’m not a food photographer), this picture doesn’t do them justice.  Trust my little friend, and try them anyway.

Salty, sweet, spicy heaven

I am a big fan of the salty sweet combination, and I love ginger.  The first time I brought these into the office, a colleague single-handedly ate at least a dozen of the mini cookies before lunch.  Hopefully you find them just as addictive.

Ginger Molasses Cookies

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