Tamarind Date Chutney


Tamarind Date Chutney (lower right corner) shown here with Baked Bhajias (Chickpea and Veggie Patties).

Tamarind Date Chutney
Makes about 1 1/2 cup

8 oz. block of tamarind pulp
1 1/4 oz. chopped dates
3 1/2 oz. brown sugar
1 t. cayenne
1 t. ground coriander
1 t. ground cumin
1 t. sea salt
1/2 t. ground ginger
2 c. water

1. Break tamarind block into small pieces.
2. Heat water in a medium sauce pan and add all the ingredients to the hot water. Let it simmer for 5-7 minutes till the sugar completely dissolves. Take off heat.
3. Cover with a lid and let it cool down completely, about 2-3 hours, so that the dates and tamarind soften and absorb the spices.
4. Transfer the entire contents to a blender or food processor and puree to a sauce consistency. Add up to 1/4 c. of water if you find the mixture very thick to grind.
5. Transfer the ground chutney to a small sauce pan and bring it to a boil over low heat. When you start to see small bubbles around the chutney, take pan off heat and let it cool completely.
6. Transfer to a dry, clean jar and use as required. You can keep this chutney up to 10 days if refrigerated.

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