Smoked Salmon and Arugula Pasta

20140802-055118-21078027.jpg Smoked Salmon and Arugula Pasta
Serves 2 – 3

8 oz. gluten free rotini or penne rigate
2 T. extra-virgin olive oil
2 garlic cloves, finely minced
pinch chili pepper flakes
3 – 4 oz. smoked salmon, flaked (If you use tinned smoked salmon, drain the oil before flaking.)
2 oz. arugula leaves, torn into bite size pieces
finely grated zest from 1/2 lemon
2 T. capers in brine, drained
1 – 2 T. nutritional yeast
1T. toasted gluten-free breadcrumbs (optional, but they add a nice texture)(I like to use crushed Schar Fette Croccanti Cracker Toast)

1.  Prepare pasta according to package directions.
2.  While you are waiting for pasta water to boil, heat oil in a small skillet over medium heat until hot. Reduce heat to low and add the garlic and chillies and let warm gently so they flavor the oil but don’t fry. Add salmon.
3.  Drain the pasta and place it in a warmed serving bowl.  Add the arugula and toss gently.
4.  Stir the the lemon zest and capers into the oil, then pour over the pasta. Toss well.  Sprinkle on the nutritional yeast and toss again taking care not to break up the salmon too much.
5.  Scatter the breadcrumbs over the top and serve.

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