Bet you can’t eat just one

Pfeffernüsse are crazily awesome, crunchy little nuggets of spicy, lightly sweetened goodness.  First introduced to them as a kid, I tentatively popped one into my mouth, cautiously eyeing the plain-dressed Mennonite woman behind the school bake sale table.  How could such a little cookie pack in so much flavor? I was hooked.  I think I polished of the entire bag that day.

When I came across them browsing Christmas markets in Germany a few years ago, I could only gaze at them longingly.  Good thing that I didn’t know then how amazing they taste alongside a mug of mulled cider or wine.

(The pfeffernüsse pictured are in a demitasse cup, so I can pretend to practice at least some semblance of grown up self control.)

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