Holy Basil, Batman!

Once you use fresh basil, it’s hard to go back to the dried stuff.  For a couple of dollars, you can get far more that you could need in a week at the local farmer’s market.  Ashamed that I was throwing any away, I decided to grow my own in a little planter on my kitchen window sill.  But, I swear that little guy sprouts new leaves faster than I can come up with ways to use them, despite my repertoire of Italian dishes.  Then I remembered Thai basil, a.k.a holy basil.

Like most Thai stir-frys, Gai Paht Bai Grapao  (Chicken Stir-fried with Holy Basil) comes together so quickly that if you’re planning to serve it with rice, you’ll want to start cooking the rice before you even start prepping your ingredients for the chicken, which makes it perfect for a weeknight supper.  Oh, and it uses a whole handful of basil leaves, so now you have no excuses for letting them go to waste.


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